Un’kuppd: Discovery Box (14 packs)


Un’kuppd: Discovery Box (14 packs)
Un’kuppd: Discovery Box (14 packs) Un’kuppd: Discovery Box (14 packs) Un’kuppd: Discovery Box (14 packs)
  • Simple. Portable. Un’compromised. New roasters monthly.
  • Minimalist design saves you space at home. Brew anywhere with hot water and a cup
  • Recyclable packaging and simple filter design mean less waste
  • Unique, specialty-grade coffees featured from a different roaster each month
  • Barista approved coffee that beats the home machines and stale beans.
  • 14 pour-over coffee packs make 14 cups of specialty-grade coffee. No mess, no equipment

1 Open Sesame


2 Spread those Wings


3 Pour-Over to Perfection

Say hello to Un’kuppd, your new go-to coffee.

Un’kuppd is for people who are tired of choosing between single cup convenience and pour-over quality. With our innovative design, you can now have both.

Un’kuppd is specialty-grade coffee that your barista will approve of. It doesn’t require equipment so you can save space at home, and it's portable so you can brew a cup anywhere. It always comes fresh, and our minimal filter design means less waste.

Un’compromise your coffee with Un’kuppd.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Confession From a Coffee Snob-I Love This!!

I have found single cup filters like this while I was living in Japan and have wanted them back for years. The. I come across this beauty of a subscription box and I’m in heaven. Not only is it simple enough for me to navigate in the mornings (note: I’m the complete opposite of a morning person and can’t even make sentences) it’s also rather environmentally friendly. It’s paper and coffee and it’s excellent coffee! My senses were delighted and enthralled with this little cup of wonder and wakefulness. I will recommend this to anyone who has a taste of the good stuff without spending an arm and a leg.

Delicious, convenient coffee

I don't use these everyday as I make a larger chemex of coffee but I love them for camping and travel. The are absolutely perfect for camping and it's so nice to have an incredible, flavorful cup of coffee first thing in the morning in the woods without packing in a bunch of stuff.

Taste Great!

The coffee is so good! My only complaint is that it takes a while to make a cup but other than everything else was fine and the coffee tastes great!

Perfect for the office and/or traveling

I bought this for my fiancé because the coffee at his office is terrible. He was spending close to $20/week on coffee from Starbucks he didn't even like. After finding out about Un'Kuppd, I ordered him the sampler box with 14 filters. LOVED the packaging and presentation, so we were excited before he even tried the coffee. My fiancé is a coffee snob and can be hard to please lol, but he genuinely LOVED this coffee. It's the perfect treat yourself moment when you're held captive in an overly air-conditioned office with bad drip coffee. I also tasted it and was surprised by how smooth and non-acidic it was. Definitely, recommend!

Cool stuff

I really like these! Coffee smells and tastes delicious! I’m excited to share with my friends. I’m taking these camping with me too!