Reborn Redux ✌🏼 Guatemala and Mexico

Reborn Redux ✌🏼 Guatemala and Mexico

For those of you keeping score at home, this is our second feature of Reborn Coffee. In our first box, we featured their fruit-forward Colombia and Ethiopia.

This month, we’re shaking things up with their earthier Mexico and Guatemala. Both are full bodied, medium/dark roast coffees. The roastiness of the Mexcio Chiapas Bellisario Organic is balanced by a mild acidity and bright finish. “The earthier Guatemala Coban has notes of dark chocolate and jasmine,” typed Carl as he took a sip (we’ve been digging this duo here at Un’kuppd HQ 😍).

As with our previous Reborn coffees, I recommend pouring 1oz. of 200 degree water into the coffee grounds to allow it to “bloom” for 30s. This opens the coffee grounds up, and allows for a fuller extraction. Once you’ve bloomed 🌼 pour an additional 6oz (about 2x fills of the pour-over pack).

We love the team at Reborn, and want to say CONGRATS! on the grand openeing of their third shop here in Southern California 🎉 Keep spreading the great coffee!

Snag a box of Reborn while you still can! They're so nice we had to feature them twice, but they'll only be here for June ⏰

I’d love to hear what you think of this month’s coffees! Please drop us a line on Instagram @unkuppd!