Summer Camping (without the bummer coffee)

Summer Camping (without the bummer coffee)

Time to pack up the station wagon and hit the open road, kids! It’s summer! ☀️ Our next box celebrates the great outdoors with two of our most adventuresome partners: Tribo and Kuju.

Our newest partner, Tribo, was founded by a coffee-obsessed, American expat. He’s put together an impressive team of certified Q-graders (think “coffee sommeliers”) that select and roast some exceptional, single origin coffees.

We’re featuring Tribo’s Papua New Guinea this month. With notes of caramel and blackberry, we think it’s the perfect coffee to pair with a slice of pie by the lake. I recommend blooming this coffee for 1 minute with 1oz. of hot water to bring out its full flavor before pouring an additional 6oz.

And a re-feature of Kuju Coffee brings all the dark roastiness of a crackling campfire. Kuju packs a punch, so I’d recommend brewing 8+ ounces. Pair it with eggs and potatoes before that epic Yosemite dayhike (or in my case, flopping myself beachside, book in hand...maybe with some of that pie, too 🥧)

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I’d love to hear what you think of this month’s coffees! Find us on Instagram @unkuppd, and please share some camping coffee photos with us while you're there! 🌼