Welcome to JOYRIDES ✨

Welcome to JOYRIDES ✨

Inspired by our all-time fave road trips 🚘

Our first JOYRIDE is inspired by childhood afternoons watching Follow that Bird on grandma's living room floor. Alas, the CHUNK CHUNK of that VHS tape into the player is a relic of the past now.

I LOVE this movie 😍 A duet between Big Bird and Waylon Jennings? Yes, please! (Do yourself a favor and click that link to see the YouTube video of Waylon sining "Ain't No Road to Long" to Big Bird...the BEST!)

This first JOYRIDE is dedicated to Juno, beloved beagle and cookie monster, who we had to say goodbye to this year. When Juno and I first met, we went on a three months-long road trip together in a big, clockwise loop around the country. It was the first of many adventures.

So on this Thanksgiving, I hope you'll take a minute to appreciate the year, with all of its ups and down. Then, "you just gotta keep goin. Pick up your feet, and follow your beak".