Barista approved coffee. Single cup design.

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Introducing the Un'kuppd Pourover

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How to Un'kup

Open sesame!

Smell the freshly ground coffee as soon as you open the oxygen-sealed pouch

Spread those wings

An innovative, origami design allows you to hang the filter bag on practically any cup, mug or thermos

Pour-over to Perfection

Pour 200º F water into the filter 2-3 times. The coffee is optimally ground by the roaster for a perfect pour-over every time.

Un'compromise your coffee

Unique Roasters

Un'kuppd showcases one specialty coffee roaster each month who is doing something differently. They might source beans from sustainable farms, empower women business owners or promote fair trade. But they are always exceptional.

Minimalist Pour-over Design

Un'kuppd is barista approved, pour-over coffee without the messy equipment. Our specialty-grade coffee is optimally ground and sealed in an innovative filter so it always arrives fresh and ready to brew. You just need hot water and a cup.

Un'compromised coffee, anywhere

Your average single cup machine churns out stale, weak coffee, trading quality for convenience. It's time to un'compromise your coffee. With Un'kuppd, you just need hot water and a cup to get quick, barista approved coffee anywhere.

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